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Just as those who face serious illness, their families, health care professionals and clergy depend upon Life’s Door and its Israel subsidiaries Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan for its programming and training to confront the most serious is life’s issues, so too Life’s Door depends on individual donors and foundations to make its services available. What follows is a general description of donor opportunities for current initiatives and plans for the future.

Patient/Family Counseling Services
Patients and families constitute the most evident population for the services provided by Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan. Despite the glaring need to attend to such individuals, caretakers have traditionally overlooked these groups and have not been sufficiently sensitive to their special needs. Counseling individual patients and their families allows for “one on one” assistance to be provided.
$3,500 per patient/ family per year; $1,750 for six months

Partners for Life Patient and Family Retreat Program

Retreats are designed to provide a nurturing and supportive interactive environment for patients and their families that are coping with a serious illness, in a pastoral and peaceful atmosphere by providing workshops, counseling and other programs. Participants leave this multi-day program with a sense of strength, enhanced coping and spiritual growth that, we hope, they will carry with them throughout the rest of their journey.
$200,000 for the naming of program $18,000 per retreat (2 retreats per year)

Lectures Programs and Series
Annual community lectures to be given throughout the year by leading figures in the fields of health, public policy and Jewish thought.

Naming of Annual Series (Permanent): $200,000
Naming of Annual Series (for 1 year): $20,000
Individual Lectures: $4,000

Workshops and Seminars
The backbone of the services Life’s Door provides is the ability to interact with those who confront serious illness, be it a patient and his/her family, and health care professionals and clergy. Ongoing seminars address and array of issues that target the needs of both populations.

Workshops and Support Groups for Patients and Their Families

These unique educational, spiritual and emotionally focused modules initiate the process known as impartment, which involves introspective exercises and sharing activities which become a transcending process in understanding the deepest meaning of life. Participants learn to impart important lessons and perspectives that they have gleaned through their personal confrontation with illness and loss.
$15,000 – per year per program/group

a) “Caring and Sharing": Patients and Family Members Coping with Illness
b) Art Therapy
c) Living with the Illness of a family member
d) Feldenkrais
e) Women Coping with the Loss of a Husband
f) Spiritual Support- Our Heritage and the Journey Toward Meaning
g) Couples Living with Illness
h) Therapeutic Gardening
i) Yoga
j) From Bereavement to a New Perspective
k) Chi Kong
l) Music Therapy
m) Therapeutic Coaching
n) Ceramic Art
o) Others….

Seminars for Physicians, Health Care Professionals, and Clergy

Participants let down their guard allowing them to share feelings about fears and mortality in order to be better equipped in helping their patients. These seminars offer didactic and experiential learning opportunities to achieve self awareness and professionalism and to build skills in spiritual care and community support. $10,000 for a full course/ series; $3,500 each seminar – per year
· Physicians Education Module: “Facing Illness, Death and Ourselves”
· Health Care Professionals Education Module: “Facing End of Life”
· Rabbinic/Chaplain Education Module: “Spiritual Care Training: Aging, Illness, and End of Life” (SPONSORED BY GLATT FAMILY)

Annual Israel Spiritual Care Conference

This conference, initiated in 2004, had become the leading forum for the development and sharing of spirtual care resources, programs and advances in Israel. The conference attracts over 300 profesionals from all areas of health, welfare, education and clergy and has hosted leaders in the field of spiritual care internationally. Sponsorships of $1000 and up are available annually. $500,000 he naming of the conference

Life's Door Research Institute

Study within the Life’s Door Research Institute focuses on research and development of concepts that can lead to innovative models for approaching life threatening illness. Interns will work collaboratively with scholars, thereby promoting a vibrant community of learning and academic exchange. The Institute will provide a platform for hosting quarterly lectures which will be open to the general public. The institute plans to publish a quarterly journal, featuring the works of Life's Door scholars and other contributors.
$350,000 for naming the Institute; other donor opportunities available for sponsorship of faculty and publications

Life’s Door Internship Program
A component of the Research Institute will be a highly interactive Internship program. The Internship program will attract individuals who have an interest in devoting time to the study of the dying process. Interns will complete a 3-week training program. In addition, interns will serve as in-house co-facilitators for Life’s Door Seminars and programs. The uniqueness of the Internship program lies in the ability to offer a vital learning experience to those who may otherwise be unable to access options for such personal growth.
$200,000 for naming the program; $5000 per intern per year

Life's Door Resource Library

The Library offers comprehensive and continually expanding resources of books, journals and other written publications dealing with issues of death, grief, terminal illness, and spirituality. It houses an expansive video/audio tape collection. The Library will also be the development center for The Life’s Door Testimonial Video Tape Collection. This archive will be an ongoing project of Life’s Door. Taped interviews of individuals facing terminal illness (at various stages of dying) will be developed. These interviews will be available for research, study and inspiration.
$200,000 for naming the library; $100,000 for naming the Testimonial Collection; other opportunities available

Tomchim Spiritual Care Volunteers

Life’s Door has developed and coordinates a spiritual care volunteer program. Volunteers undergo a comprehensive training program which offers them an opportunity to develop and enhance skills in supporting and communicating with the dying and their families. A natural outgrowth is the building of the volunteer’s self awareness around issues of disease, loss and death. The program follows the patient and their family through the disease process and into bereavement, thereby offering a meaningful continuum of support.
$100,000 for naming the program; $25,000 for one course; $1000 for sponsoring an individual training session

Life’s Door Retreat Campus

This retreat center will serve as an international gathering point in Israel for participants in the Life’s Door program. It will contain the following components:
· The Life’s Door Guest House and Respite Center
· The Life’s Door Research Institute (see above)
· The Life’s Door Resource Library (see above)

Guest House and Respite Center

Located within the campus, this center will provide an opportunity for seriously ill individuals and their families to take special time together to do the important “work” that Life’s Door encourages. While having the chance to get away from the routine of their daily lives, these guests will
a) attend the ongoing workshops that will be offered through the institute
b) avail themselves of a “spa-like” setting which offers services that promotes physical and mental health
c) build relationships with peers and professionals who are part of Life’s Door
d) participate in individual and/or group support/counseling sessions.
The Center will host a maximum of 40 individuals in a pastoral and supportive setting.
$5,000,000 for naming of the campus; $1,000,000 for naming the annual international retreat; other donor opportunities available.

Life’s Door appreciates all donations, regardless of amount, in order to continue to provide.

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