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תקווה היא עמדה שקשורה להווה שלי. זוהי תקווה הווה. היא אינה קשורה באמת לעתיד. תקווה היא התשובה לשאלה היא במה אני מאמינה ברגע הזה, מה אני חיה עכשיו.
שמחה יעל פזואלו

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The Joint Spiritual Care Conference 2015


Yehudah Hotel, Jerusalem, Israel
Mon, Jan. 26, 2015 – Thu, Jan. 29, 2015

Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan Center Moving

To a new location 

Tishkofet-Maagan Support Center , Jerusalem, Israel
Tue, Jun. 17, 2014

New group starting (Hebrew)

Emotional Empowerment: Tools for Relaxation and Joy

Tishkofet-Maagan Support Center , Jerusalem, Israel
2014 – 2014 • Sundays in July

Gala Evening 2015 (Hebrew)

Gala Evening 2015

2014 – 2014 • Sunday, March 1 2015

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The "Presidential Award for Volunteerism" 2011 awarded to Founder and Chairman of Life's Door-Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan, Prof. Ben Corn, MD

President Shimon Peres awarded the “Presidential Award for Volunteerism " to
Prof. Ben Corn, a world-renowned expert in oncology, founder of LDT organization for spiritual support for patients and their families.

Prof. Corn was awarded this esteemed recognition on behalf of the organization for its pioneering work in "changing the way people in society face illness." Read More »