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Yaniv Rosenberg on Life's Door-Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan

PR Person at Rimon-Cohen-Sheinkman.
Life's Door-Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan Honoree 2010.
Creating a World of Hope in the Media

Sharon August-Dalfen on Life's Door-Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan

Program Coordinator - HaSharon, Israel
Life's Door-Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan Honoree 2010
Creating a World of Hope in the Community

Avi Frig on Life's Door-Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan

Avi Frig of Liad S.N.M Insurance Agency Inc.
Life's Door-Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan Honoree 2010
Creating a World of Hope in Business

Health Summer for a Healthy Soul

Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan Participant praises Yoga workshop given by Eddi Bechor on June 14, 2011 special Workshop Festival
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I would like to congradulate Prof. Ben Corn on receiving the "President's Award for Volunteerism". I have been following his articles in Haaretz for some time now and am very impressed.
It was a great learning opportunity for me personally, I found plenty of interesting material with lots of choices from among the various parallel workshops that made it difficult at times to get to everything of interest. In my humble opinion, I thought the conference was well planned and run and it felt like a holy convocation, given the material covered and being able to interact with people doing holy work!
~ Avi Paluch, on The Spiritual Care Conference for Professionals 2011
Bless you on your work, on the spiritual support, on your good-heartedness, and to all who work with you to assist those who need your support.
~ Nurit Tzabari, 2010
Celebrating life through Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan's caring and supporting retreat where hearts and souls connected was a most enriching and transforming experience to the core of my being. I am filled with admiration and awe at your endless and abundant energies, creativity and dedication to bringing light and healing into so many precious lives. With gratitude to Hashem for the privilege of knowing you all, and for my small part in this magnanimous organization, I wish all continued success, good health, koach, light and laughter in future holy, superb and amazing projects! With love, hugs and appreciation,
~ Yehudit Kotler, 2008
We thank you and all the Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan staff for a wonderful two days in Ein Gedi.
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, warm attention and your love. Thank you for the interesting workshops.
We left with a feeling that we have acquired many tools for coping and continuing to live our life.
Thank you for the opportunity to meet beautiful and wonderful people and for this vacation we have experienced. We were left wanting more ...
~ Participating Couple in "partners for Life" 2008
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To me, Gisha la'Chaim Tishkofet-Maagan is one o fthe miracles

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